Alarm Lock PDL5300 Digital Proximity Double Sided Leverset

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Double-sided Trilogy keypad door lock for keypad PIN-code access with keyless entry on two sides of door

    • Standard Keying
    • IC Core

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More advanced access control functions, such as audit trail and HID Prox capability (PDL models) allow personnel from jails/detention centers, interrogation rooms and casino cash counting rooms to feel reassured as they conduct business under strict environments

 2000 user access using PIN-code and/or HID Prox card/fob with multilevel access hierarchy: Master, manager, supervisor and basic user. Access door lock users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or for the highest security, both card and code. (PIN codes: 3 to 6 digits)

 Keypad and/or computer programmable - Easy keypad door lock programming with fingertip at keypad or via PC with Alarm Lock's DL-Windows or AL-DTMIII Data Transfer Module for PC

 Direction-specific access assignable per user programmable access for each user for one or both sides of the door (ie., each user can be allowed access to go into an area, out of an area or both ways)

 Up to 40,000 event directional audit trail with time/date stamp for a printable record of door access activity by user also indicates direction of keyless entry door usage.

 500 scheduled events, including 4 quick schedules for programming the 4 most common time schedules in one step

 Real time clock allows logging of events to within 1 second of accuracy

 Programmable relays energize when one or more selected events occur

 4 time-out functions allow a user to enable other users or unlock the lock for some time period without needing to return to the lock</li>

 Entry allowance from 5-15 seconds

 Weatherproof performance, operational temperature range of -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C)

 Temporary keypad door lockout after 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter code/ID

 Primary Door Side has data port for programming lock and querying audit trail is on primary side of door, along with functioning mechanical key override

 Tap & Add batch ID card enrollment mode allows many cards to be quickly added without PC - also downloadable from PC or enroller tool

 Easy retrofits of cylindrical locksets and other access locks

 Rugged clutch mechanism and Grade 1 durability ensure long life

 Smart, standalone keypad door lock is long-life battery operated; uses 5 AA batteries; 60,000 cycles, typical. (Key-controlled chamber on secondary side).

 Key override available in standard key override and interchangeable core models

 Access lock available in two lever styles and five finishes (see back)Models: Prox/PIN PDL5300; PIN-Code (w/o prox reader) DL5300

 For outdoor use, too -Standard in weatherproof to withstand temperatures of –31˚F to 151˚F (-35˚ to 66˚C).

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KEYING Standard Keying or IC Core