Dorex 20151 Single Cylinder Satin Steel Deadbolt Weiser Keyway


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    Terms and Conditions

    • 20 minute fire-rating available with listed fire-can*
    • For doors 138 to 134″ (35 to 44.5 mm) thick
    • Kit for doors 214″ (57 mm) thick available
    • Non-handed
    • Adjustable 238″ or 234″ (60 or 70 mm) backset
    • Brass deadbolt with security pin, 1″ (25.4 mm) throw
    • Universal mortise or 4-way faceplate
    • Free-spinning cylinder collar for enhanced security
    • 5-pin brass cylinder in steel housing, Weiser keyway with 2 keys

    Full keying services available. Other common and high security keyways available.

    (*) Fire-can must be ordered in conjunction with deadbolt.

    Product Page

    Signature Deadbolts 


    200 SERIES – Installation Instructions 
    200 SERIES – Installation Instructions (Function 55) 
    200 SERIES – Installation Instructions (Function 57) 


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