Camden Short Rang Hands Free Swtch, D.G SS FP W/Chr "WTO" Hand Icon
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Wired 'Short Range' Touchless Switch, 1 Relay, no inputs, wireless or light ring

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    Terms and Conditions

    Technology: Active Infra-red, utilizing microburst sensing technology
    Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC
    Contact Type: CM-331/333/324/325: (1) SPDT Form 'C'
    CM-332: (2) SPDT Form 'C'
    Contact Rating: CM-331/332/333: 3 Amps @ 30 V
    CM-324/325: 5 Amps @ 30 V
    Current Draw: CM-331/332: 40 mA
    CM-324/325: 60 mA
    Wireless: CM-330: Built-In
    CM-331/332/333: Optional Plug-In
    Wireless Frequency: CM-330 Series: 915 Mhz. Lazerpoint RF™ Spread Spectrum Wireless
    Battery: CM-330/333:
    (2) 'AA' alkaline
    -0ºF to +153º F (-18ºC to +85º C)
    (2) AA Lithium Batteries (optional)
    -4ºF to +153º F (-20ºC to +85º C)
    Battery Life: Alkaline: 2 years with 100 activations per day
    Adjustable Operating Range: CM-331/332: 1"- 28" (25mm-711mm)
    CM-330/333: 1"-12" (25mm-304mm)
    CM-324: 1"-30" (25.4mm-762mm)
    CM-325: Min. 2" (51mm) Hand, Max. 18" (45mm) Mirror
    Time Delay: CM-330/331/332/333: 3-30 Seconds
    CM-324/325: 1-5 Seconds
    Operation: Selectable Fail Safe/Fail Secure
    Montion Sensing Modes: CM-331/332/333: Momentary, Momentary with Alarm, Maintained
    CM-330/324/325: Momentary
    Relay Operating Modes: CM-332: Event, Sequence, Security, Toggle
    CM-331: Event, Toggle
    CM-330/333/324/325: Event
    Input: CM-331/332/333: REX, Door Contact
    Blue/Green/Red Light Ring: CM-331/332: Optional